5. There is no such thing as supporting characters – everyone is a main character

Just like in Game of Thrones, there are no unimportant details on social networks. Everything matters equally, and everyone can play a key role in success. Pay equal attention to a short Vine video as a long, carefully designed and intelligently written blog post.


4. Write series of blog posts

How to blog posts always get good attention, and if you can end them with a Call to Action instead of a sudden death of one of the main characters the way that G.R.R. Martin likes to, all for the better. A series of posts will attract more attention and give a complete guide for those who’d like to learn more. When you finish a series of posts, simply turn them into an e-book.


3. Be meticulously detailed

Whenever possible, be meticulously detailed and consistent in your blog posts. Just like Syrio Forel was while teaching young Arya Stark to fence. At least once a month create an extremely detailed content. It doesn’t mean you have to make a five-hour video, you could make a short Vine instead, but it needs to show that more than ten minutes went into making it.


2. Always surprise your users

Just when they think they’ve seen all you have to show, surprise them! Introduce a new platform, play with the format, be meticulously detailed. Lull them into a routine and then… BAM! Just remember the Battle of Blackwater when Tyrion sent a ship full of Wildfire to incinerate Stannis Baratheon’s fleet. Talk about a way to go out with a bang! You can leave just as strong an impression with a Vine video made from a mini helicopter! A personalized infographic! A new column in the newsletter! Let the users see that you have fun developing the content, like we did in the meeting dedicated to this topic.


1. Be prepared on all fronts

Daenerys Targaryen crossed seas, mountains and deserts; met all kinds of situations and showed herself up to the task in all of them. It’s the same with content marketing. A good blog post must have detailed visual elements as well as a carefully chosen opening photo, a well-designed plan of distribution on social networks and paid channels, and finally, an idea of how to reuse all that content and carefully planned details it contains.