This spring we once again celebrate that winter is coming! While eagerly awaiting the new season of the popular show Game of Thrones, we cannot stop thinking about who we would like to see on the mighty throne, not even during working hours, and for good reason too! We have already recognized this show’s value as a practical guide to content marketing, and now we would like to analyze the the strengths of each contender for the crown, putting the mottoes of the powerful houses of the Seven Kingdoms to good use for the purposes of digital marketing.

House Stark: experience and preparation


The members of one of the most famous houses in Westeros, the rulers of the North, the Starks are proud of their long history. And with years, or in this case, millenia, comes experience. That is why their family motto is “Winter Is Coming”.

What have we learned?

While creating a strategy for digital performance, it is important to analyze the environment and make long-term plans. This entails anticipating all the potential dangers and risks, and preparing for all possible critical situations in order to be prepared should it prove necessary.

House Targaryen: strategic planning


Using blood and fire, the mighty weapon passed down in her family, Daenerys Targaryen is determined to take back what is rightfully hers, the crown to all Seven Kingdoms. As she inches closer to her goal with every step she takes, her goal is also recognized by the enormous army who will follow their Khaleesi on a long and often uncertain road.

What have we learned?

Behind every successful digital performance, there is a finely tuned strategy with clearly defined and measurable goals. All elements of a digital performance, every blog post, newsletter and tweet should strive for the same goal.

House Lannister: smart budgeting


Although their official motto is “Hear Me Roar”, the richest of the noble families is famous for always paying their debts. The golden lion should serve us all as a role model for planning a budget.

What have we learned?

The prerequisite of a successful digital performance is not necessarily a big budget, but a carefully planned and allocated one. Focus on your target audience and direct your content to it through communication and advertising.

House Tyrell: prudence and quality


The symbol of the lovely golden rose in a green field hides one of the richest but also strongest military forces of the Seven Kingdoms. The power of the House Tyrell lies in the fertile land in the southwest of Westeros, and the words to remember are “Growing Strong”.

What have we learned?

The power of digital performance lies in fruitful content. In other words, the quality of the content is the foundation for all elements of a digital performance and it also builds long-term relationships with the community of existing and potential users. While producing content, focus on your audience; their needs, interests and desires.

House Martell: originality and exceptionality


Although they have sworn allegiance to the Iron Throne, members of the House Martell until recently tried to keep out of the fray on their sunny peninsula of Dorne. But it seems the strategy was not completely successful and they now find themselves very much involved in the Game of Thrones, always faithful to their motto: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”!

What have we learned?

What separates an excellent digital performance from an average one is authenticity and originality. But that does not mean that you should forget about global trends and existing practices in your digital environment while searching for a “never-before-seen” campaign or an “authentic” theme.