We have decided to tackle the relevance of the content marketing calendar to find out exactly what role it plays.



Here are a couple of important reasons:

1. A precise plan of publication of your articles, blogs, videos… Preparation is the key! And once you’ve finished it, half the work is already done. Having found the pulse of your community, and decided what it is that its members need, tell them stories when they need them the most.

2. The big picture. Yes, creating content might seem short-lived, planned maybe for that day or the next, but arranging things long-term, you gain control over your content marketing strategy.

3. More media = win! You might not always have a new blog post or a super cool video idea ready; but planning ahead, you can distribute your resources better and know which media to give attention and when. Perhaps one day you’ll find it appropriate to write a long guide or an article full of useful advice, while another you a six-second Vine video will feel more suitable.

4. One content through more channels. We have mentioned the concept of transmedia storytelling –presenting the same story through several platforms and formats – on several occasions. It is exactly a content marketing calendar that will provide you with excellent insight into the right timing to present an already told story in a new and original way.

5. Assign the tasks and set team in motion! Yes, sometimes all you will need for a good story will be a couple of statements, a killer photo, and lots of healthy inspiration. But some things you just can’t do on your own. Assemble a team, assign the tasks wisely and feel the power of teamwork!

What kind of content marketing calendars are there?


We’ve written about Trello – a tool we use at Jasno i Glasno, listing the ten reasons why we use it. This organization tool has proven to be an excellent addition to our daily functioning which makes it easy for us to assign tasks, establish responsibilities and deadlines. Without Trello, our content marketing strategy would be impossible.

Along with Trello, there is Divvy HQ, another task manager tool, which together with typical features, also offers a handy little option called Parking Lot, where you can store all those good ideas that occur to you. It also allows the creation of parallel calendars which are then incorporated into a master calendar. Unfortunately, unlike Trello, Divvy is only free for a 30-day trial period.

Of course, WordPress Editorial Calendar is only a click away. This fantastic plugin for WP provides daily, detailed access to all your posts, and it helps keep your blog on schedule at all times. You’re on WordPress? You need to go no further.

If you happen to be using a content marketing calendar yourself, share your experiences with us!