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And the Content Marketing Oscars go to…


February is here, and all true film buffs know what that means: it's time for the Oscars, the most prestigious film awards that have tickled our imagination for months. We already have our favorites among the nominees, but we also have our own categories for gold statues of a slightly different kind: the Oscars for best content marketing. Let's take this opportunity to learn from this art form and apply that knowledge to our trade.

5 TV Shows Whose Storytelling Goes Way beyond the Story


The Internet has changed the way we watch television and interact with stories, making it a more immersive experience. As the audience, we want to hear the background of the story, get to know the characters, be a part of the action. We expect additional content and narrative, which means that the experience of enjoying a TV show is no longer a linear one, as it removes the boundaries between storytelling and marketing.