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The state of Google Authorship


If you ever listen to and read SEO and online marketing experts, you must have already heard the words author tag and authorship, or at least have wondered what was going on with the photos of people that would crop up in your Google searches. Since its announcement in 2011, we can definitely say that the Google authorship markup has brought about a lot of positive changes: from showing profile pictures of authors being searched, which raises the credibility of the results, to the positive impact on search rankings.

5 Things that Game of Thrones Has Taught Us about Content Marketing


As hard as it is to believe, there’s a lot to be learned about content marketing from the popular show we’re all crazy about. Just like every house of Westeros has its tale and its reasons to seek the Iron Throne, so your clients and readers want to hear your tales. Lots of them. And watching Game of Thrones, we have learned about the different ways to tell those tales and what to pay attention to while we’re doing it.

Top 9 Content Marketing Trends for 2014


Content marketing has never had as much buzz surrounding it as it has in the past year, and the trend is going to continue just as strong in the year ahead of us. It might be old news, but it has been revitalized by the new media – there are so many platforms and media through which content can be presented, that it gives one a tingling sensation just thinking about all the possibilities. The next year will be just as interesting!